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Chinese Company Showcases Ten 3D-Printed Houses
Chinese company WinSun Decoration Design Engineering has constructed a set of ten single story, 3D-printed homes which it produced in under 24 hours. The homes, printed in prefabricated panels which fit together on site, were created using WinSun's ...

Last post-war prefab homes in Bristol are replaced
BBC News
A 10-year project to replace hundreds of 1940s prefabricated homes at 15 sites in Bristol has been completed. Constructed after World War II, the bungalows were built with a 10-year life expectancy from a kit of concrete panels and ready-made fittings.
Ceremony to mark final end of Bristol's prefab housesBristol24-7

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BUILT TO LAST: Longtime Hickory architect eyes bright future for city
Hickory Daily Record
Abee Sr. oversaw the construction of prefabricated housing. “We were actually living there when we found out the first atomic bomb had been dropped,” Abee remembered. “At the time, nobody really knew. One thing I do remember, they had excellent school ...

Return of the Evil Empire
It begins in the bowels of the State Department or White House or Pentagon and is filtered out through the government's front organizations, otherwise known as Mainstream Media (MSM). In 2014 the U.S. has succeeded in demonizing Vladimir Putin and ...

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Fukushima fallout: Resentment grows in nearby Japanese city
Orlando Sentinel
"When they move in to an apartment, they don't talk to neighbors and hide," said Hasegawa, who works from a small office located between rows of grey, prefabricated shacks housing the evacuees. "You hear this hate talk everywhere you go: restaurants, ...

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