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Home — Friends Can Come In All Shapes, Sizes, Colors, and Alien Species
The Virginian-Pilot
There, they put everyone into prefabricated row homes with a carnival down the street to keep them entertained. Boov inhabit the world. A little Boov named, Oh (Jim Parsons), is a positive Boov. All he wants is friendship. He sees the best in everyone.

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The Seattle Times

Family's prefab contemporary house is at home in the woods
The Seattle Times
Prefab. The answer was a home made of prefabricated modules built in a factory and trucked to its final destination. The box that whizzed past Roy was headed south out of Method Homes' plant in Ferndale, Whatcom County. “Just because it's prefab, that ...

Connecticut Law Tribune

New Land Use Enabling Legislation Needed
Connecticut Law Tribune
The General Assembly has made some baby steps in the right direction over the decades with the affordable housing land use appeals statute, the definition of family for certain types of group homes, and the use of modular and prefabricated residential ...

U.S. News & World Report

Will Modular Homes Make You Rethink Your Housing Options?
U.S. News & World Report
Modular homes – built in a factory to local building codes and assembled on-site – made up less than 1.5 percent of all the homes built in the U.S. in 2014, according to Fred Hallahan of Hallahan Associates, a Baltimore housing consultant with a focus ...

Out of the box: Inside a Portland prefab apartment (photos)
Some people who shrug off the idea of assembling sections of a house or apartment inside a warehouse might do so because they envision mobile homes or lookalike prefab homes advertised near freeway exits. They expect cookie cutter instead of custom, ...